About the Archival Program


The Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center Archival Program, a collaborative effort of The Ohio State University Libraries and the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center, The Ohio State University. Its mission is to collect, preserve, and provide access to historical documents concerned with polar regions. The goal of the BPRCAP is to make rare or unique historical material about polar exploration and scientific investigation available for use in the context an active polar research environment. Historical collections contain papers, records, photographs and other forms of documentation concerning explorers, scientists and other figures and organizations prominent in the advancement of knowledge about polar environments.


Visit BPRCAP at http://library.osu.edu/find/collections/byrd-polar-archives/.





About Admiral Richard E. Byrd


“It is not possible to know the history of the polar regions or undertake scientific investigation of the areas without being aware of Admiral Richard E. Byrd or benefiting from his contributions. As a navigational aviator, Byrd pioneered in the technology that would be the foundation for modern polar exploration and investigation. As a decorated and much celebrated hero, Byrd drew popular attention to areas of the world that became focal points of scientific investigation in numerous disciplines. Finally, as a naval officer Admiral Byrd contributed to the role of government in sponsoring and facilitating research in polar regions and topics.”


Learn more about Byrd at http://library.osu.edu/find/collections/byrd-polar-archives/byrd/.







The Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center Archival Program

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